A Puzzling Situation with Apps

I began app development in Singapore when all of the big game companies started making puzzle games and putting them on mobile. Some of the most successful ones were the match three games. One became very popular and then a lot of clones started to spawn from it. There was another game where you would try to match two numbers and clear them from a grid, all while the numbers get bigger. Another game involved some jewels and dragons. Of course, there was the classic puzzle game where blocks fall from the sky and you have to try to make a horizontal line to eliminate them.

My main goal when making a puzzle game was to make something that would be fun without copying what everyone else was doing. A lot of ideas have been done over the years, so it’s not exactly easy to think of an original idea. I thought about making a game involving hats, but that had already been done before, and as a clone of the falling block game. I thought about making a three dimensional rotation game, but that was just a re-imagining of the spinning puzzle cube that exists in real life.

I don’t know if there’s a term that is similar to writer’s block to express a lack of creativity, but that’s what I was having. The more I thought about it, the more frustrated I became, and it was really grinding my gears. Then one day, I thought more about gears, and then it hit me. I came up with the idea for a game where you have a series of gears that must be arranged into the shape of an object. When put together correctly, all of the gears would spin in perfect harmony, and when put together incorrectly, it wouldn’t spin at all.

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